Most of the people do not think often about the roof they have on their house. In fact, according to one expert, the roof is one of the most overlook parts of the house structure aside from the basement and the attic. All we think about roofs is how much it would cost us to hire a roofer company and how long it will take. To answer this question, there are many reliable and reputable roofing contractors Levittown, PA that provides you excellent service at a fair price. Rest assured that your roof is taken care of. But before we get into repair and maintenance, we would like to share with you the lighter and fun facts about the roof that you probably did not know before. 

The following are the interesting facts you didn’t know about roofing: 


  1. You can eat through your roof

This is hilarious. However, this is true. Now, green roofs are becoming popular and people are encouraged to do green in their roof. Aside from providing you food, it also provides more insulation on your house which makes it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.  


2.It is not good to cover your old roof with a new one. 

While most of the people think that by doing this, they are providing more protection to their roof, the opposite actually happens in real life. Roofs need foundation, and the foundation needs to be strong enough to carry the roofing materials and the roof as a whole. Putting a new roof to an old one means adding more weight to the foundation, and this might lead to more damage and destruction.  


You can always install a new roof provided that you replace the old one.  


  1. Do not rely on the provided warranty

Just because the company tells you that your roof can last p to 30 years, it does not mean that it will age that long. There are several factors that affect your roof’s life such as weather conditions, frequency of storms, maintenance, frequency of cleaning sessions, methods of cleaning, and more. It just means that at its best, the roof can last for up to 30 years provided that it has been taken care of. 



  1. There is such a thing as a green metal

Green metal basically means an eco-friendly metal that you can install as a roof. This roofing material is made from 100 percent recycled metal, and so it is not just sustainable, it is also cheaper than the new metal. Side form this, you will be able to experience the benefits that metal roofing provides such as durability and style.  


  1. Your roof can be rarely struck by lightning

Currently, a lot of buildings are installing metal roofs, and while some people thin that attracts lightning, the opposite is true. The truth is, lightning is attracted to all kinds of materials and not just metal. Also, it is rare to see roofs getting struck by lightning — only on dramatized and romantic movies. 


Final thoughts 

Now that you know some basic facts about the roof, it is now time to appreciate it and provide proper maintenance and repair to avoid damages and to make it last longer. Also, do not forget to always contact a professional whenever you notice some issues.